What is it All about?

The Association "Friends of Mary Queen of Peace"

"Friends of Mary Queen of Peace" is a non-profit charitable organization, duly registered in the Ministry of Interior Lebanon.
The object of the Association is to spread the message of peace through living Our Lady's messages which She gives in Medjugorje to the world.

All the activities of the Association are accomplished by a group of volunteers who work under the umbrella of the Church.
One of the main purposes of the Association is to organize pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

More than 75000 Lebanese citizens, 400 priests and 9 Lebanese bishops have visited Medjugorje until this day. Pilgrimages are being also organized to Lourdes, Fatima, Rome, and other holy places.

The Association also holds prayer groups and novenas for peace in Lebanon and in the world. It performs humanitarian work, television programs and conferences, as well as translating and distributing Our Lady's monthly message in Medjugorje to the world, and translating and printing spiritual books.
It also organizes religious recitals and regular prayer gatherings that include the daily prayer program held at the Medjugorje parish since the beginning of our Lady's apparitions.

Father Jozo Zovko visited Lebanon in 1998 responding to a special invitation from "Friends of Mary Queen of Peace", also did the visionary Marija Pavlovic on March 10 and 11, 2012, and the visionary Ivan Dragicevic from November 15 until 18, 2012.